Why wedding blogs rock – and what the magazines can never do!

wedding blogs vs magazines in the uk rose veil credit cardI almost had a crisis of faith in wedding blogging recently. It was one of those scary moments that hit you sometimes – I picked up a wedding magazine (that wasn’t the scary bit) and it wasn’t what I expected.

Wedding magazines were all about big brands and vaguely old fashioned trends, I thought. The appeal of the big wedding blogs is always from being edgy and challenging, alternative and fresh – tearing away from the boring old wedding mags.

For a moment my quick flick through the wedding magazines made me wonder if the press had finally caught up: they were quirky, full of red shoes and wellies, bunting and ideas for making weddings a bit different.


I sat down to think about what makes wedding blogs so special, and within minutes I fell in love with the UK wedding blogs all over again. Here’s what makes us so different from the traditional wedding press, and why UK wedding blogs will grow and grow but NEVER lose their appeal.

The basics: wedding blogs vs wedding magazines

Wedding magazines and money machines

Magazines make a fortune from advertising. Fact. They make enough to buy tonnes and tonnes of paper, magic it all up into magazines and distribute it all over the country in lorries to shops. The money made from advertising in a wedding magazine pays for a team of staff, offices, for their own marketing and also provides a nice little profit for them (probably).

That’s a lot of money.

wedding blogs vs magazines in the uk veil cupcake credit card

Wedding blogs and sponsorship

UK wedding blogs have been working with sponsors for a couple of years (Rock n Roll Bride led the way, I’m not sure when she recruited her first sponsor) and the likes of Love My Dress, Rock My Wedding, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings and Staggered – to name the ones at the top of my mind this morning – all have sponsors. English Wedding has launched a new sponsorship / advertising strategy too with the English Wedding Showcase. So there’s money here too.

Does sponsorship spoil a wedding blog?

The difference for me is that money powers the magazines. They couldn’t operate without advertising payments coming in – and their mission is to make a profit. That’s why they’re there. It’s a neat little circle: sell advertising, make money, make magazine, sell magazine, make money, sell advertising…

Yes it’s just business. No, I don’t like it much. But who the hell am I to judge?…

…I’m a wedding blogger. And the difference is that money doesn’t make my world go round. The UK wedding blogs are labours of love. We all started out blogging for fun, writing because we wanted to say things – not to get rich. Yes, we take sponsorship. But nobody owns us and the money isn’t why we’re here.

Can a blogger have sponsors and speak freely?

I’m comfortable with the concept of blog sponsorship. It’s a fair exchange – sponsors want to be seen and I need to buy biscuits. Sponsorship is something I’ve been working very hard to get right – so long as it works for the wedding advertisers it’s a good thing.

But for a while I was wary of selling out. Would having sponsors mean I should be careful not to upset anyone? I like to challenge the wedding industry with posts like this one – but should I tone it down and be nicer to the magazines?

I don’t think so. The wedding magazines are big business – even the smaller ones. Integrity is important to me and if I feel strongly about something I’ll tell you. I won’t be selling out and I can’t see the other bloggers doing it either… who wants to be like the magazines!

Wedding blogs have personality

The biggest UK wedding blog – in terms of staff – is Rock My Wedding. They still only have three people working on the blog, and more importantly they’re three friends who love working together.

Wedding blogs are driven by personality, not by money. We still have the freedom to write about whatever we like – and that makes blogs stand apart from the wedding magazines. This bunny engagement shoot  by Lisa Devlin on Rock n Roll Bride restored my faith instantly! Blogging is about sharing brilliant things that make you smile.

wedding blog photograph of top hats on a stone wall

Because they’re big business, the wedding magazines can never have a strong personality – but as a wedding blogger I fully intend to keep mine!

Wedding blogs are still leading the way

The wedding magazines I bought for a blog photo shoot had some good content (although a lot of it definitely wasn’t to my taste) – there were red shoes and bright coloured ideas for decorating tables and venues.

These kinds of ideas have been around for a while though.

Style Me Pretty and Red Ribbon Studio March 2010

Style Me Pretty and Red Ribbon Studio March 2010

While English Wedding isn’t known as the front runner in featuring out-there weddings, I’m proud of my blog content which is created to inspire brides and grooms to think and to create individual weddings that don’t just follow trends.

I’m especially proud of Star Brides Sally and Salma for blogging about their own wedding plans as they happen – because every bride and groom has their own story and unique approach to their wedding.

Reassurance that blogs are still leading the way comes from everywhere – I love this bridesmaid dres feature on London Bride, and of course Rock n Roll Bride always has something new and exciting – and beautifully mad! to share.

Most importantly I think the UK wedding bloggers as a group are writing thoughtful features and sharing unique photography, shoots and images to inspire brides and grooms to set their own trends, to be unique and to create one-of-a-kind weddings. So if we’re helping brides and grooms lead the way and make changes, that’s even better!

Why wedding blogs are best for internet savvy brides

Wedding magazines are old fashioned in a sense because they’re printed on paper and sold in shops. Their content can be as contemporary as they like, and they also have good websites and busy forums – which for the record I think are a brilliant place for brides.

It’s old fashioned to publish a magazine in print

But the core business for wedding magazines is the bit you find on the shelf at Smiths. And that’s a bit 20th century. Will a wedding magazine ever ditch the print side of their business and go entirely online? I’d be interested to see in ten or twenty years if they do, but I doubt it (because where would their advertising revenue go?)

Wedding blogs in comparison are all about the web. The internet is what we’re all about – and every successful wedding blogger has a secret love of the geeky, techy web stuff. We know how to work the internet and to make it work for our brides and grooms.

wedding blog photograph of vintage style photo frame table plan

Wedding bloggers are internet experts

The wedding magazines of course have their internet departments or teams. And their websites are big. They have great advice and fab content… but ultimately they’re driven by the printed magazine, and – see above – I’d say they’re restricted by the nature of their business and by their sponsors.

Personality is important on the internet. The wedding magazines have brand images, they don’t have personality. Reading a magazine is different to talking to a real person.

Reading a wedding blog is like talking to a real person. There’s something very special about that.

Wedding bloggers’ independence and personality is what makes us different and sets us aside from the traditional wedding magazines. We’re addicted to the internet and can bring you wedding news as it happens.

The UK wedding blogs are winning in the blogs vs magazines debate. In a nutshell, this is why:

  • We have personality and freedom to express opinions
  • We’re not driven by huge profits so blog sponsorship doesn’t affect what we write
  • By speaking our minds we encourage brides and grooms to be different and challenge the wedding industry
  • We love the internet and our expertise means we can grow, influence and react to wedding news
  • Wedding blogging is a labour of love – and we’re here for you, not for the money

Yeah. I love wedding blogs best.

naughty image removed at the request of Wedding Ideas Magazine

Thoughts, reactions, comments & discussion very welcome if you have a minute to type in the comments box below. I love to hear what you think, whether you agree with me or not! Comments will be open until the bunfight begins 🙂

Photo credits to Chris Hanley Photography

Claire Gould

Claire spends her days writing - either in beautiful calligraphy or online. She lives on the edge of the English Lake District only minutes away from the beach, where she loves to escape and unwind. Claire's calligraphy can be found at Claire launched the English Wedding Blog in November 2009 - it's been a top 10 UK wedding blog ever since, with a regional focus we hope you LOVE.



  • Bernadette
    10 years ago

    As always brilliant article, I do think there is room for magazines and blogs BUT it is the blogs leading the way with inspirational ideas. It has shown brides they can be different, they dont have to have what every other bride before them has had. I think the blogging world will just keep progressing and increasing.

  • kelly @ Boho Weddings
    10 years ago

    I agree! more and m ore brides seem to be ditching the wedding magazine and opting for wedding blogs instead. It’s something they can dip in and out of on their lunch hour, and come back the next day to see new and fresh content.
    Blogs show the personality of the writer, and it’s aplace you can express an opinion and share the sort of weddings you like….not be ruled by what the advertsing department want you to print.
    I am about to launch spnsership on my blog, but it’s something I have thought long and hard about. As much as I only put suppliers and weddings that fit the Boho brand , I will be doing the same with sponcsership.

  • kat rock n roll bride
    10 years ago

    hum.. i personally dont agree with everything youre saying here. i’ve worked closely with a number of wedding magazines (cosmo bride, wedding magazine, perfect wedding, wed magazine and wedding ideas to name a few) and in actual fact the majority of these publications have very small teams working really hard to produce the magazines.

    Blogs can churn out content a lot quicker than magazines (most of them can only bring out a new mag every month or by monthly whereas blogs can be updated daily) ts medium-wise its harder for them to stay on top of trends. they also have to appeal to the mass market (to keep their publishers and advertisers happy and so even if they wanted to, most of them realise its not financially viable for them to make the mags all about the most alternattive/funky/trends)

    However i do know that by them bringing me on board a lot of the time they are trying to change this – in any small way they can. but at the end of the day blogs and magazines are after the same goal – to be popular, to be loved and to make money…well the full time bloggers anyway. that is the nature of WORKING/BUSINESS – to earn money.

    Magazine advertising is expensive yes, but as you said they have massive overheads like most blogs dont. mag advertising works for some companies and blog advertising works for others. i dont think there is any reason that we cant all be here, doing our thing and working together. I actually think this post is a little short-sighted sorry.

  • Claire
    10 years ago

    Thank you Bernadette and Kelly (first),

    I do hope blogs continue to lead the way, and personality is a big part of that. Kelly I was the same as you with sponsorship and that’s a big part of what led me to write this post. I guess because we’re both suppliers and bloggers we had the same thoughts about sponsorship.

    Good luck with yours!

    Claire x

  • Aaron Jones
    10 years ago

    Nice post Claire.
    I have to say that a MAJOR advantage a wedding blog has over a magazine has to be that you are able to embed video clips demonstrating quality wedding films – something a magazine will NEVER be able to do.

  • Claire
    10 years ago

    Kat, first of all thank you for the comment and for your insight into the mags. It’s great to have your comment because I’m a bit of an outsider here and speaking only as a supplier and blogger. I can only look at the magazines, see what they’re asking as ad rates and guesstimate what they’re making. I also used to work in a catalogue company working with the printing and binding processes and manage production so I have a brief education there too – but I don’t have your knowledge of the magazine teams and how they work – so thanks for sharing that.

    By the way I’d be very happy for the magazines to comment here and put me straight on the size of those teams and the businesses like Natmags & how they’re run. I know Wedding Ideas is the independent mag but I also know there’s an editorial team, classifieds team and accounts dept there from my advertising experience – so that’s where I got that info from. (Again only my personal observations.)

    Your comment about the mass market appeal is interesting too. I’m not sure what I think about that… I’d love to see a niche alternative wedding mag to see if it worked. Although I doubt it would, sadly.

    I agree with your comment about making money and running the blog as a business. And as a full time blogger the money is a bigger part of what you do and your blog is bigger… but you have more content, more ambitious projects – and yes more sponsors but your focus is clearly on the content – at least as a reader that’s my perception. I think that distinguishes you (and blogs) from the magazines massively: the balance of ads & content is another interesting point of discussion…

    I’d say magazines are about 60% advertising and 40% content.
    Blogs are 10% advertising and 90% content.

    (I’m including sponsored posts as content here by the way because we all choose relevant & useful sponsored / guest posts)

    You absolutely don’t need to say sorry for disagreeing with me! I love a discussion and I’m glad we don’t agree on everything here – I’m learning, I’m smiling as I read and I hope no one holds back if they think I’m wrong 🙂

  • kat rock n roll bride
    10 years ago

    there was an alternative wedding mag actually. it was called black meringue and was awesome but it was shut down after about 4 issues because…well i wasnt financially viable. the brides that want the alternative inspiration generally will go the web first. there is defiantly space for us all.

    i love wedding magazines and like that their perspective is different to blogs.

  • Kirstie Taylor
    10 years ago

    Interesting feature. I must admit I did pick up one of the big bridal mags the other day and thought how out of date it all was. Blogs have pulled weddings into the 21st Century by highlighting the more unusual and quirky and really giving brides fantastic inspiration. I still don’t think that the mags. are quite getting on top of it like some of the blogs are, they still need to take more inspiration from bloggers.

  • Hi Claire,
    I agree with you on some points but not others. The idea of brides being able to get to know a blog’s ‘personality’ is great and I totally agree, blogs have the ability to be much more personal, and reflect niche tastes, turn around content quicker etc. But in general I don’t think it should ever be blogs vs magazines; there’s a place for both and brides use them in different ways. Our media habits might change but I doubt there will be many brides who just stick to one medium for their inspiration. As a planner I love keeping up with the blogs on a daily basis, but I also use magazines constantly for inspiration – however much I’m attached to my laptop there’s nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a cuppa and a new mag to flick through, maybe I’m old fashioned but I’m sure brides must be the same! Like it or not, there are still a surprising amount of people who don’t know/understand what a blog is. I’ve come across brides who just read magazines and are intrigued when I suggest blogs to look at!
    And I might be wrong, but I bet 90% of our audience don’t actually consider the whole business aspect when choosing whether to buy a magazine or look on a blog. Its now accepted that blogs have to take sponsorship to make money, in the same way mags have to take advertising, its just on a different scale to reflect the different cost base. I’d suggest brides are more interested in whether the content and suppliers featured (whether through sponsorship or not) are relevant to them, rather than worrying about whether they are supporting big business or not.
    Anyway, there’s my tuppence worth! Look forward to reading the rest of the comments!

  • Claire
    10 years ago

    Thank you for your comment Kirstie,

    Looking forward to finding out what your top secret projects are going to be… seen a few intriguing posts this morning!

    Claire x

  • Claire
    10 years ago

    Thanks Louise too – it’s interesting for me to see the brides’ point of view on this – especially interesting to consider brides aren’t always aware of blogs. I wonder how that will change over the next ten years.

    Another consideration here is – and I’m as guilty as anyone – that we’re only discussing the brides and not grooms… one thing I do find with the blogs is that they’re not quite as pink (yeah ok so this blog isn’t the best example) and content is more accessible generally to grooms. (Note to self: must try harder there!)

    As with Kat’s comment you have me thinking about the mass market appeal of wedding magazines… and perhaps on that count the wedding magazines do win hands down. Business-wise, it’s a good win. But maybe a shallow victory… I prefer to be different.

    Thank you so much for another thought provoking comment 🙂

  • Dirk van der Werff
    10 years ago

    As a wedding photographer, I’ve got to say that I received very few enquiries from magazine advertising, and in fact I gave it up three years ago to concentrate on my own blog and website and building relationships with the new wave of wedding bloggers, and those loose relationships have led to a lot more bookings, and the blogs attract the clients who are right for me.
    I’m not particularly alternative, but have over the years built a solid reputation for blending in and capturing the fun and ambiance of the day ….. and, more than anything else, blogs like this, and all the other ones mentioned here reflect those sorts of weddings.
    Showing a real wedding across 20 / 30 / 40 photographs rather than one or two stunted images as many magazines did until a few years ago, gives brides (and grooms) confidence that they can have a wonderful day of celebration without the photographer being a source of worry.
    When brides invest such a lot of emotion in all the planning and of course the financial investment, more than anything else, they need to be confident that all the wedding vendors they bring together for that one special day will create a day to remember … and, for me, wedding blogs pull all that emotional investment and financial investment together and give confidence to brides that it can all work and fill them full of ideas and enthusiasm for their own special day.
    I salute you all!

  • Rebecca Matthews
    10 years ago

    I set up Wed Magazine with my boyfriend four years ago. Our mission was to produce a modern, high quality, coffee table-style wedding magazine for Cornwall with engaging features, stylish photo shoots, fun content designed to be interesting for both brides and grooms and, most importantly, full of personality. We thought the regional wedding magazines at the time were quite dated and full of sugary phrases that sent shivers down our spines. We also thought that advertising costs were too high on a regional basis and wanted to create an affordable, high quality and targeted platform for independent businesses.

    For the first two years, my boyfriend lived on my bedroom floor in my parents’ house. For the following two years, we rented a house with our feature writer (and close friend) to keep living costs low. I work seven days a week and – at 30 – still live like a student. If that’s not a labour of love, I don’t know what is!

    Today, the magazine is run by three people: me (editor/finance/marketing/stylist/model scout/admin), Brendan (advertising/management/events director/distribution/photo shoot organiser) and Hannah (feature writer/admin/website content). We also have a freelance designer who works in a solar powered caravan near the beach.

    Wed Magazine breaks down at approximately 30% advertising and 70% content. We now publish a Cornwall edition and a Devon edition. They are the bestselling wedding magazines in Cornwall and Devon and have a growing readership outside the region. We don’t make huge amounts of money (the print bill is astronomical) but we make enough to continue doing what we love to do.

    I agree with Kat. Wedding magazines and bloggers should work together, and we’re delighted to have Kat involved in Wed Magazine. Many of the brides (and grooms!) we speak to are avid followers of wedding blogs, but they are also dedicated magazine readers. There’s undoubtedly something about flicking through a glossy magazine with beautiful images (especially when it’s printed on lovely silk paper like Wed!) which can never be replicated online.

    I just wanted to give a voice to little publishers – like us – who are working insanely hard to create modern, high-quality publications and hope we can continue to do so alongside all you fabulous bloggers out there.

    • Claire
      10 years ago

      Thank you so much for this comment and for sharing your story. I’m glad to hear a positive response from a successful wedding magazine – and I think we share a definition of success which differs from so many wedding magazines! – a modest and reasonable profit alongside great feedback from our readers and supporters. I would love to chat to you more – may I get in touch for a quick chat?

      Claire x

  • Marianne Taylor
    10 years ago

    In my opinion the whole debate of ‘which is better’ is a bit futile and doesn’t really serve anyone. Print and online are two different animals, and I think they should compliment each other and work for a shared goal, which should be serving the industry and inspiring the brides, rather than try to bicker over which is the better way. There’s no doubt that magazines feel threatened by blogs, as the whole production process is so much slower it’s impossible for them to react as quickly as blogs can. What results is more and more exclusivity clauses and the content being restricted left and right, which is not really in the best interest of the reader.

    I think there will always be a place for print magazines (perhaps I’m biased having worked with magazines for a long time before starting up with photography), and I really don’t see it as a good development in trying to ‘out do’ magazines or having a goal of driving them out of business.

    In my little idealistic head I would like to see more collaboration between magazines and blogs. Kat is already paving the way in some ways, but I think it could be taken so much further. Having just discussed these issues with Y&YW, one of my ideas was for bloggers and magazines to work together in ways that are truly beneficial for the reader. For example it would be great to see weddings featured across a blog post and a magazine article, both concentrating on different pictures and elements of the day, and having their own take on it – while not duplicating content – so that the reader really feels like they’ve gotten an enhanced experience. As an added benefit this sort of joint publishing would drive traffic between both the blog and the magazine if the strategy was planned sensibly. Also blogs would benefit for being associated with strong brands, magazines from being associated with new modern communication

    All it needs is for both sides to stop seeing each other as threats and start looking at the opportunities out there to really create some memorable publishing.

  • Shan
    10 years ago

    Interesting stuff. Just to throw a curveball in there how about bloggers publishing magazines. Sites like Amazon and lulu are really opening up the idea of print on demand as a business model. Ultimately it’s like aristotle said, you’ve gotta have a balance innit.

    And nice of you to mention the grooms Clur but we all know men don’t give a crap about weddings.

  • Wedding Sparrow
    10 years ago

    Hi Claire,

    Loved reading both the article and the comments underneath. Being a bride-to-be and an avid blogger too, I can’t get enough of inspiration wherever it comes from! I am a magazine hoarder and am on the Internet all day researching articles for the blog too. I’d like to think of it as a balanced view of the wedding industry, using both mediums. Love the daily posts available and the availibility of just searching online for something relevant if you’re in a hurry (last minute wedding dresses etc!) without having to search through endless magazines. But on the other side, there’s nothing better than reading a magazine on the sofa with a cuppa and gaining inspiration from them. Although I love my blog, I’ll never give up the mags!

    Much love.

  • Claire
    10 years ago

    Marianne, thank you for your comment. I’m happy to be hearing from people with experience of magazines which I simply don’t have. Perhaps there will be a convergence in years to come, as magazines improve the blog sides of their websites (if there proves to be a demand for it) and as Shan says if wedding bloggers start looking into the options for print. And maybe the bloggers like Kat who are working with magazines will find a way of really combining the two media (it would be interesting to see if any of the brands combine).

    I have to add I’d never advocate trying to drive magazines out of business. If something in my post sounded that way I should clarify: that wouldn’t be my intention. (And boy am I a small fish…) But I would like to see them change.

    Your idea about working together showing different elements of the same weddings / shoots on blogs and magazines is intriguing. And I’m all for the idealistic solution, believe it or not… I can certainly see Love My Dress, for example, working beautifully alongside You & Your Wedding and Cosmo Bride. In fact there are other relationships already in place… Mrs P&P and Wedding Ideas have a strong link from what I see on twitter, for example.

    Interesting – thank you Marianne 🙂

  • Claire
    10 years ago

    Shan… (man of many names) that concept has been at the back of my mind recently too – but I think any bloggers considering a magazine would look at something other than a straight leap to publishing similar content on- and offline. If I did it, it’d be advice for suppliers (which would kind of suit being available separately from the main wedding blog).

    And then there’s online magazines… Cat Hepple recently launched a fantastic online flicky magazine which was gorgeous, image-led – between that and your 2011 Directory there are opportunities… but neither are quite like a wedding magazine (which is a resoundingly good thing).

    Hmmm. 🙂

  • Claire
    10 years ago

    … and wedding sparrow, thanks for your comment too. I guess there’s another perspective – when I finish work I read books rather than mags, so I don’t really ‘do’ the magazine thing at all. That said, the market for magazines of one kind or another seems to be growing (with all the celeb mags I see advertised and in the supermarkets).

    There’s definitely an appeal to paper and being able to snuggle and read at the same time – sometimes the simple things are a lot more important than we realise aren’t they. And – magazines smell nice; blogs don’t smell and are difficult to balance on your knee with a cuppa and a biscuit.

    Claire xx

  • Catherine Westwood
    10 years ago

    I couldn’t decide whether to post on here or not, so waited to see what other feedback this rather odd blog posting drew from others in the wedding industry.
    I am editor of Wedding and have been so for almost 5 years, I was also the launch Ed of Cosmopolitan Bride back in 2000.
    At Wedding, which is one of the titles covers you chose not to deface, we have been working alongside blogs for the past year to ensure we are setting the agenda within the bridal industry, and we are showcasing original work from bloggers, not just lifting what is on their sites.
    We have now introduced these concepts into our sister title Wedding Flowers.
    On the Ed’s letter each issue I choose a different bridal blogger’s website to praise.
    I have just been reading the Elle supplement which is packed with fashion bloggers opinions, and talking to a international head of press for a leading high street chain recently she revealed she takes these bloggers on fashion shoots all over the world to ensure good publicity and excellent working relationships.
    The relationship between magazines and blogs is, and can only be in my eyes a positive one – its not a competition, its about synergy.
    We would never run an article about why magazines are better than blogs because we simply see blogs as an extension of the bridal industry – albeit a new one – but one the more visionary titles like Wedding are prepared to embrace.

  • Sam Gibson
    10 years ago

    An interesting piece Claire – definitely food for thought. As a relatively new photographer I’m finding it interesting assessing which areas are the right ones to target. I’m 30 and pretty media savvy so blogs and social media seem a more natural fit than magazines, both with my style of photography but also with my lifestyle and how i consume media myself. I would imagine that as a newer breed of photographer (and bride) comes through we’ll start to see the magazines adapt and embrace some of the style and verve of the best blogs?

  • Claire
    10 years ago

    Catherine thank you for your comment. I’m glad you’ve taken the time to read this post and the others’ comments too – which is what it’s all about for me.

    I’m not familiar with your magazine, having only read it once or twice. I do know of suppliers who’ve advertised with you with no return on their investment, and reading and thinking about everyone’s comments above I realise more each time that my perspective as a wedding supplier is what’s driving a lot of my frustration.

    It’s good to see wedding magazines are embracing blogs and building relationships, which is as Marianne Taylor said above in everyone’s interests. Thinking primarily of everyone’s readers, this is bringing the industry forwards and I love that idea. With my blogger’s hat on I think this is brilliant.

    As a wedding supplier I still have a lot of issues with the business model of most wedding magazines, and I may still address this in another blog post, another time. Like Dirk (above) and many other wedding professionals I speak to, we pay hundreds or thousands of pounds for advertising space and get nothing back.

    Perhaps I have a chip on my shoulder because of this. I think I’m right to – and I know I’m not the only supplier who’d like to see things work very differently. But maybe it’s influenced my thoughts on the content of wedding magazines more than it should.

    One last thing – Catherine do you know how much of your magazine is taken up by content vs advertisements / advertorial? Just curious.

  • Claire
    10 years ago

    Sam thank you for your comment as well. I’m glad I’ve got you thinking about advertising… it’s too easy sometimes to spend on advertising which might not work – I know I’ve done it too many times.

    For a photographer I’d say every time that finding the media you think ‘fits’ who you are, as well as what your business is about, is all-important. Brides & grooms are looking for someone they can relate to, and your choice of media hints at your personality as well as your photography style and approach to your business.

    Another consideration would be how tuned in you are to SEO trends and how much control you have over this. If you can build an amazing website google loves, then it’s less important to get clicks and conversions from your ads (arguably) and while magazine adverts don’t deliver tangible or trackable profits in the main, as a brand image building platform they can be powerful tools – I think.

    I’m going off on a tangent here! Thanks for your comment again 🙂

  • Loulabelle
    10 years ago

    Wedding blogs cured my magazine habit ;o) I love that they are far more personal and I think that sponsorship on them is great as you can find more unique companies (that offer a more personal service). Much nicer than the full page market giant ads at the front of most wedding magazines… That said I am still partial to the odd printed copy, but I can’t imagine life before wedding blogs now… Particularly this one!

  • Claire
    10 years ago

    Thank you Loulabelle 🙂
    I wonder what the average magazine habit costs?!! At least the likes of you & me are damn good value for money 🙂
    Claire xx

  • Amma // Beyond Beyond
    10 years ago

    This is a hard one, as I collect magazines – seriously I am going to be one of those little old ladies who has a series of intricate tunnels through their house in order to find my way into other rooms as I have so many of the things much to my hubbys chagrin. (total zine head, Another Magazine, Pop Magazine, and Vogue to name but a few that are making my shelves sag).
    I like magazines because for me they create a ritual, I love the idea of making a pot of tea, getting a plate of biccies and poring over each and every detail from cover to cover which is something that you can’t do with a blog. Also, there is something that is really decadent for me in actually getting away from my computer screen and indulging in something that feels like a personal treat. (Because of my job both designing, and blogging I don’t get away from my computer enough).
    I think that I am going to get splinters from sitting on the fence on this one, but I love both formats – I love the immediacy and energy of blogs – being a blogger, and I love the satisfaction of seeing people interacting with what I have put up on the blog in real time.
    I think synergy is the key bloggers supporting, magazines and vice versa – but long live both formats as there is something about magazines I completely and utterly love. But, I love the way that blogs are a game changer and have a flexibility in many senses that a magazine doesn’t have.

  • Claire
    10 years ago

    Thanks Amma, your tea and biccies kick off a very persuasive argument in favour of the magazines I must admit 🙂 Although your collection is for me more impressive than the wedding mags – or even than my small heap of Netmags and Twist n Go… but then I share the ritual but with books instead of mags. I guess everyone has their little escape, and in my post I missed that wedding mags provide that for a lot of people.
    Love your last paragraph. I agree with your comments about the energy of blogs, that’s fab. I hope synergy will be the way forward… and I hope the bloggers will share equal control of any joint projects with the mags. I look forward to seeing how it works (from my quiet little spot over the other side of that fence you were sat on!!!)
    Claire x

  • Wedding Photographer
    8 years ago

    Loved read­ing both the arti­cle and the com­ments under­neath. Being a bride-to-be and an avid blog­ger too, I can’t get enough of inspi­ra­tion wher­ever it comes from! I am a mag­a­zine hoarder and am on the Inter­net all day research­ing arti­cles for the blog too. I’d like to think of it as a bal­anced view of the wed­ding indus­try, using both medi­ums. Love the daily posts avail­able and the availability of just search­ing online for some­thing rel­e­vant if you’re in a hurry (last minute wed­ding dresses etc!) with­out hav­ing to search through end­less mag­a­zines. But on the other side, there’s noth­ing bet­ter than read­ing a mag­a­zine on the sofa with a cuppa and gain­ing inspi­ra­tion from them.

  • Mr_P
    4 years ago

    Hi Claire

    I’ve just come across your website as I was browsing Pinterest having found this article as a “pin”.

    I’m a groom who has done the majority of prep-work for my wedding (who says grooms don’t take an interest!). From venue finding to entertainment sourcing to the catering – I’ve done most of the leg work and then presented my findings to the bride-to-be for the yes, no and maybe selections. It’s not because the bride-to-be isn’t interested (after all, she proposed to me!) but just that I enjoyed doing it.

    How have I sourced most of my information? Via the internet using Google searches that invariable point me to blog sites or product sites which gave further links. Don’t get me wrong – I did buy some magazines but I didn’t find them helpful at all – either from an advertisement perspective or from a grooms perspective (they are all very bride-to-be-centric) and for what they offered me I thought they were expensive. With 90% of the wedding planned, I don’t think I’ll be investing in another magazine to join the existing pile gathering dust.

    I have used on-line “flicky” magazines before – I think there is a place online for these and could be the next evolution of the blog-site – be it weddings, cars, music etc. Flicking through the pages on the screen of a tablet computer, with a cuppa and the biscuits is probably as close as you can come to doing it with a physical magazine – and probably more eco-friendly too!

    I’m off to explore the rest of your website now – I hope there’s plenty of articles relevant for the groom!

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