No. 8: Readers – Earrings: I need your opinions!

Days to go: 59

I have been deliberating over this for WEEKS.

I have a total of seven earring holes (four in one ear in random places, three in the other in a line) and I’m stuck with what to do for the wedding day. I generally don’t wear earrings in the day unless I want to feel particularly glam – and I generally either wear all studs or five studs and a pair of huge/long/feather earrings. (Yes, a girl of extremes indeed.)

Before I found my tiara, I had images of me wearing HUGE chandelier earrings on the day, and filling the rest of the holes up with very small white diamante studs. However, before I found my tiara, I hadn’t found my perfect chandelier earrings – and then last week I stumbled upon them on the same site as I found my tiara. (In fact, I emailed Kate about them when I found them – and she’d only listed them the night before I noticed them!)

Salma's Perfect Chandlier Earrings - found too late

Unfortunately, I know I can’t wear these earrings at the same time as my tiara (boooo! [or can I? … Nope…]) and so I went on the search for one pair of more detailed studs that I could wear instead (and still fill the rest of the holes with small diamante studs).

Last week I found these – they are nearly almost based around the same flower design as my tiara (quite uncannily actually!) – but are they still too much alongside the tiara? I’m trying to imagine how big they are by drawing a box going by the measurements advertised on the website, but I’m very unsure – and it’s a lot of money to spend on earrings when I’m still unsure! (They’re £59.)

Flower Stud Earrings

Are they still too much?

And then I thought I could go for something like this – but I’m thinking this type of thing might be better for my bridesmaids? And also – would the red go with small diamante studs? Or could I go for small black studs?! Salma is very confused.

Red Heart Earrings

What do you think?

So, dear English Wedding readers, I would really appreciate your opinions on this perplexing matter. GO!


Claire Gould

Claire spends her days writing - either in beautiful calligraphy or online. She lives on the edge of the English Lake District only minutes away from the beach, where she loves to escape and unwind. Claire's calligraphy can be found at Claire launched the English Wedding Blog in November 2009 - it's been a top 10 UK wedding blog ever since, with a regional focus we hope you LOVE.



  • Jenni Lennox
    9 years ago

    If any i think go for the diamante studs. Very beautiful and not OTT. xx

  • Claire
    9 years ago

    Oh wow I don’t know – I love them all (and I always err on the side of OTT so I’d probably best not chip in!) I hope some other people can help. Jenni’s advice seems good.

    God I love those chandelier ones though. Gorgeous!!!

  • Salma
    9 years ago

    I know I’m absolutely IN LOVE with the chandelier earrings! *sobs*

    Thanks for your opinion Jenni!

    Keep ’em coming!

  • Sally
    9 years ago

    I have exactly the same predicament! I have four in one and three in the other ear, and quite like “filling them up” for special occasions! What about the rose ones (my fave.. so beautiful) with some dot white diamonds? then not too much but very sparkly nonetheless? You might take the focus away from your headpiece with drop earrings? I also love the idea of a touch of red to go with your bridesmaids? Could you not buy some cheaper versions (similar shape and style) and have a mess about? xx

  • Eleanor Giles
    9 years ago

    Um, I think you should get the chandelier ones and wear them in the evening, take off your tiara and replace it with another hair accessory if you want to, or not, if you don’t need to? Wear what you love I say! But the small flowery ones are also lush.

  • Salma
    9 years ago

    Oh my goodness Eleanor you are NAUGHTY!! … it’s so tempting but I’d be sad to take my tiara off! Especially as it’s so comfortable… OH I WISH I COULD WEAR THEM TOGETHER! I mean I guess I could… but… but…. oooooooh I don’t know!

    Sally I’ve never met an ear piercing twin before! Spooky! I have some pink rose earrings that might be the same size as those sparkly rose ones – so I could try and do my hair similar (although I will fail) and wear my tiara and see how it will look I guess. If I wore drop earrings they’d have to be HUGE as I don’t do mediums 😉 … so I guess I’ll have to go with studs!

    I’M STILL IN A DILEMMA!!!! Although the consensus so far seems to be the small rose earrings… Tania from Magpie Vintage did say I could buy them and hold them up to my ear and return them if I didn’t think they were suitable… but then it’s over a fiver for postage so I want to try NOT spending silly amounts like that on potentially nothing!


  • Love the flower studs! They would look great with your other small studs and I don’t think they are too much to wear with your tiara. They are gorgeous x

  • Salma
    9 years ago


  • Ann McKavney
    9 years ago

    Salma! Just read your latest post re: the pre wedding illnesses and thought I’d cheer you up with an earring suggestion – a pair of 11mm crystal channel set studs with a red (or clear) Swarovski stone in the centre. These can be worn with tiny 4mm Swarovski crystal clear studs and keep all those piercings looking relevant yet elegant! Check out my bijoux website on the earring page and if you like them I’ll send you a pair (or 2!) xx

    • Salma
      9 years ago

      Aww Ann! Thank you for your kind words… I actually purchased some earrings this weekend that I am yet to talk about on the blog as I’m still looking for one more pair but they need to be less than half the size of 11mm! Boo! 🙁 Thanks thought sweet 🙂 x

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