Dried hydrangea and getting experimental!

This is just a short post because of an accidental discovery! I’ve been in the back garden spray painting the inside of jars with a cream paint to create a ‘milky’ effect (when they’re done there’ll be a post on this!), and for no real reason decided to be experimental, and sprayed the hydrangea plant next to me, which had dried out and started shedding its whole, ball-like flower heads.

I loved the effect! The flower heads looked like intricate hand-made paper flowers, antique-white and pale brown. I’d been thinking of having hydrangeas as part of the table decorations, and I’d heard of people using dried hydrangea instead of fresh, but I’d never seen anything like this. I experimented with a few of the jars I’ve been collecting for the table decorations and I think they look pretty good, especially the metal bucket plant pot. If I can make them last without shedding their petals I’ll definitely be using them mixed in with fresh flowers on the day!

The heads are all drying out and dropping by their own accord so I guess it doesn’t do the plant any harm either?! Even better, I discovered another hydrangea plant at the front of the house, full of flower heads ready for me to attack with my spray paint! Has anyone done something similar to this before? Let me know what you think!!

Sally x



  • Wow! I think they look beautiful – like vintage paper flowers, great invention!

  • Claire
    9 years ago

    They look gorgeous – the papery effect is brilliant. What a lovely discovery!
    I found this article about dyeing hydrangeas online – it mentions spraying the more delicate heads with white (and then coloured) spray paint so I assume they’re hardy enough to last for ever!

    I’ll ask my mum about it as well – she used to dry all kinds of flowers and have them on display – and she’s bound to have painted a few and experimented. I remember all kinds of plants sprayed gold and silver at christmas when I was little!

  • They look fab, it gives them a really unusual look. Cool!

  • Sally
    9 years ago

    Ahh thats really interesting Claire, and they seem to have taken much more care over it than I did! I’m definitely going to try and do a few more (I have a binbag full so far), and dry them out properly like that link suggests. An we used to spray holly and pine cones at Christmas too, and they used to last a while I think? Fingers crossed anyway! X

  • jacki
    9 years ago

    i was thrilled to find your page cos i too, only yesterday, sprayed my hydranga head white to see what it would look like as a wedding display for my son in 6 weeks. I was looking for ideas on how best to display them, they look exactl like yr photo! A bucket is a good idea, or I was thinking how to cover a flower pot with maybe tissue paper and ribbon. Wondering how to secure the heads in though as they are so light. That flower foam maybe…. Any idea gratefully receive

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