Tiararama Couture and Collections Launch

'Snowflake' Winter Collection 2011

'Snowflake' Tiararama Winter Collection 2011

I’ve been excited about this day for months. My favourite bridal hair accessories designer Tiararama has launched its first ever collections – and they’re sooooo beautiful.

I’ve followed Tiararama’s work for years, loving every blog post and facebook update for the unique and intricate tiara designs that would magically appear as designer Suzanne Laughlin created more and more striking designs as part of Tiararama’s couture service.

The press release (on beautifully branded letterheads with a sexy little business card and cd of the new collections – cue squeal from me!) from Tiararama explains the rebranding of Tiararama Couture and the conception of those gorgeous new collections.

Tiararama new website

Tiararama Couture offers clients a high quality boutique experience and works closely with every client, from initial design discussions in its West London appointment room right through to the wedding day itself and beyond. Tiararama Couture is proud to offer a special and memorable experience with a unique approach of building relationships and keeping in touch with many brides long after their wedding day, often creating anniversary gifts or personal items of jewellery.

'Daisy Chain' Spring Collection 2011

'Daisy Chain' Tiararama Spring Collection 2011

“Tiararama is expanding its offering through its 2011 collections. These new collections will appeal to a wider audience than just the couture clients but will still retain the distinctive and unique style that Tiararama is known for.

“The 2011 collections have been inspired by the seasons. Each collection has a distinct look and feel, reflecting designer Suzanne’s belief that certain beading techniques and crystal shapes are better suited to different times of the year as they capture the differing light more effectively.”

So… What’s your Tiararama season?

I can’t help it… Every launch, press release, real wedding submission I see becomes a little game for me to play! Within minutes of opening the press pack I was deciding whether I’d be a spring, summer, autumn or winter bride! Which are you?

Tiararama Spring Collection

Described by Tiararama as “A mix of soft lines and textured pieces in floral and natural forms to represent emerging shoots and flowers”

I think I can see myself as a spring bride when I look at this collection. The little shoots are fantastic, and I adore the Gardenia tiara. I think my favourite is the First Shoots comb – one of the most original bridal accessories I’ve seen – stunning!

'First Shoots' Spring Collection 2011

'First Shoots' Tiararama Spring Collection 2011

'Melissa' Spring Collection 2011

'Melissa' Tiararama Spring Collection 2011

'Gardenia' Spring Collection 2011

'Gardenia' Tiararama Spring Collection 2011

Tiararama Summer Collection

“Beautiful ball forms of curled wire in freshwater pearl and Swarovski crystal to represent hydrangea floral motifs, large flower shaped designs and textured headbands. The designs are imple, soft and have a light feel whilst retaining a dramatic quality.”

The summer designs are beautiful: less edgy, softer and still bursting with the opulence that is instantly recognisable as Tiararama’s unique style. I love the hydrangea influence and those perfectly crafted clusters of sparkliness.

'Hortensia' Summer Collection 2011

'Hortensia' Tiararama Summer Collection 2011

'Hydrangea' Summer Collection 2011

'Hydrangea' Tiararama Summer Collection 2011

'Hydrangeas' Summer Collection 2011

'Hydrangeas' Tiararama Summer Collection 2011

Tiararama Autumn Collection

“Warm golden tones and pearls are used in heavily beaded designs to form the basis of this collection to reflect the soft, warm but fading light of the autumn months interspersed with dramatic and bright shapes representing the joy of fireworks.”

I love the really autumnal feel of this collection, and I think it suits traditional brides with the golden pearly pieces as well as the more alternative bride who will, like me, love the influence of fireworks on these pieces! They’ve got something really special.

'Whizz' Autumn Collection 2011

'Whizz' Tiararama Autumn Collection 2011

'Autumn' Autumn Collection 2011

'Autumn' Tiararama Autumn Collection 2011

'Catherine Wheel' headchain Autumn Collection 2011

'Catherine Wheel' headchain Tiararama Autumn Collection 2011

'Autumn Bouquet' Autumn Collection 2011

'Autumn Bouquet' Tiararama Autumn Collection 2011

Tiararama Winter Collection

“Snow and Ice are the basis of this collection. The snow represented by white Swarovski pearl with silver lined seed bead accents and the dramatic lines of ice represented by Swarovski’s sparkling Crystal and White Opal beads.”

I have fallen head over heels for the Tiararama Winter Collection. I’m a Snow Princess through and through! I love the spiky, alternative styling and the twisty silver wires – and Ice Queen is stunning as well. The white opals are different, somehow mysterious and sweet all at the same time. I’d be a Tiararama winter bride… what about you?

'Ice Storm' Winter Collection 2011

'Ice Storm' Tiararama Winter Collection 2011

'Snowflakes' Winter Collection 2011

'Snowflakes' Tiararama Winter Collection 2011

'Snow Princess' asymmetric half crown Winter Collection 2011

'Snow Princess' asymmetric half crown Tiararama Winter Collection 2011

'Ice Queen' Winter Collection 2011

'Ice Queen' Tiararama Winter Collection 2011

I hope you love these as much as I do. Tiararama is the one designer who always sets me thinking “If I got married I’d wear… that one!” – I have huge respect for owner and designer Suzanne Laughlin, for the breathtaking creativity of her designs and for the professional and forward thinking way she runs her wedding business.

Now… there was also some lunch in with the press release, so I’m off to enjoy that.

Suzanne – I wish you all the very, very best with the new website and the launch and I know 2011 will be an amazing year for Tiararama. You deserve it!

Claire Gould

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  • Kirstie Taylor
    9 years ago

    Lovely work from Suzanne. You can really see the amount of hours that go into creating these totally hand made designs.

  • These designs are fantastic! Love the use of pearls and crystals together!

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